All The Options To Customize Your Eyewear Allowing You To Be Comfortable And Functional In Your Contact Lenses… Choose A Contact Lens Type That Suits You And We Will Do The Rest To Ensure You Get The Vision You Deserve.


Dispose daily, fresh lens every day


Reuse same lens for a month


Clear vision at all distances for presbyopia


Prescription lenses in different colours


Controls progression of short-sightedness


RGP and Specialty lenses for optimal vision


How to clean, disinfect and care for your lenses


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Why Contact Lenses?

Want an alternative to glasses? Want a more natural look? At Eyecare Merry Hill we deliver the best of contact lenses so that you can enjoy clear and precise vision. 

We have a wide scope of contact lenses that are made from different materials and the latest technologies to ensure they are suitable for all conditions and lifestyle. 

Contact Lens Benefits

Our contact lenses can correct your vision whether it is your distance, near or intermediary vision. We have contact lenses to cater for most prescriptions no matter the age, including children.

Technological advancements have now made contact lens wear better than ever, for longer, comfortable, and natural wear. Contact us to take you through you personalised contact lens journey to find the perfect lens for you.

Contact Lens
Cleaning Solutions

Your step-by-step cleaning guide, with exclusive
instore expertise training guidance

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To sign up to our exclusive Contact lens membership packages visit us in store. Benefits include deliveries to your door, exclusive discounts and offers. Contact lens care offers and much more…..

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