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We provide specialist eye appointments to assess and manage your dry eyes. Our special scans instore grade and map out the severity of your dry eyes. Our clinicians perform a detailed anterior eye examination and provide you with a bespoke dry eye treatment plan.


Anterior Eye Scans, Dry Eye Imaging, Eye Pressures


Anterior Eye Check

Anterior Eye Health, Tear Film Check, Dry Eye Grading


Anterior Eye Cleaning

Lids Cleaning With The Latest New Antibacterial Products


Treatment Plan

Dry Eye Treatment Products, Cleaning Regime, Early Review

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Dry Eye

Dry eye is an ocular condition that causes abnormal changes in your tear film. It occurs when the eyes either produce insufficient tears or poor-quality tears, resulting in inadequate lubrication and hydration for the ocular surface. 

In mild cases of Dry Eye there is normally no permanent visual problems. However, in severe Dry Eye cases it can become very painful and cause damage to the front of your eyes. 

Dry Eye Factors

Dry eye is a very common eye condition and can make your eyes feel gritty or irritated, cause your vision to go blurry between blinks and can impact you overall quality of life.

Several factors can contribute due to the development of Dry eyes, including ageing of the eye, environmental factors such as dry, windy conditions, excessive computer, phone use or reading as it leads to reduced blink frequency.

Specific medications and autoimmune medical conditions can also lead to dry eyes. Book in with our specialists to find out more.

Dry Eye Management

Over the counter artificial tears and eye drops and gel help lubricate the eyes and maintain the moisture on the outer ocular surface. We stock top of the range eye drops & gel to suit your severity of dry eyes to keep them well lubricated and symptom free.

Prescription only eye drops are stronger and work effectively for patients with chronic dry eyes where normal over the counter drops are not enough anymore. This is prescribed by our specialist clinicians only and is given on case-by-case scenario.

Making simple lifestyle changes can make alleviate dry eye symptoms. Taking frequent breaks from computers, phones and reading will help increase your blink rate, avoiding dusty environments, wearing protective eyewear indoors and outdoors, and many more.

Minor eyelid surgery such as punctum plugs will help retain your tears for longer avoiding watery eyes. Tear duct syringing is a procedure that helps clear and blockage in your tear ducts to clean out any blockage and ensure your tear film is adequality distributed.

Dry Eye Consumables

We stock a wide range of lid cleaning and dry eye lubrication products that will help ensure your eyes are well lubricated and symptom free. 

Our Team will provide with a bespoke cleaning regime plan made just for you. All our products are easy to use, and all our drops are preservative free and contact lens compatible. 

Visit us or contact us to view our full dry eye & lid cleaning consumables. 


Need to book in for a Dry Eye appointment? Visit or contact us immediately and we can book you in. Please be aware we are happy to see Patients of all ages and cater for any Special Requirements.


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