What Is Included?

We provide specialist kids eye appointments to check their vision & eye health. Our experienced clinicians perform a detailed assessment with precision and ensure you child is wearing the best correction to aid in their everyday activities.


OCT Scan, Eye Pressures, Digital Retinal Photography 


Vision Check

Far Away & Close Up Kids Vision Checks


Eye Health Check

Slit Lamp, Lazy Eye Checks, Front & Back Eye Checks


Supplementary Checks

Colour Vision, 3D Vision, Colour Overlays & More

The Kids Experience

Children can have an eye test at any age with us regardless if they can speak or read. It is important you bring in your child regularly so that we can detect any visual issues very early on.

We focus on giving kids the best experience instore, making it our mission to ensure they have had an exciting, fun and welcoming experience.

Our experience does not stop just at the end of the test, we have many instore treats and gifts for your child in addition to their pair of glasses.

Our Kids Lens

After your child has had their test with the clinician they will then be looked after our friendly lens specialists. They will ensure all the right frame measurements have taken and your child’s needs and preferences have been met. 

Children have different facial features and visual needs compared to Adults.  Our Kids Eyezen® DualOptim lens provides a better all-round visual experience compared to a standard single vision lens. 

Your Kids Vison Explained

After checking your eyes our clinicians will provide you a personalised recommendation for your eyes

Myopia, or short-sightedness is characterised by the difficulty of seeing a distance object clearly but can see a close-up object clearly. Your child may have difficulty reading the school board, watching TV or seeing things from a far.

Hyperopia, or long-sightedness is characterised by the difficulty of seeing an object that is close. You child may be complaining of headaches, eye strain and may squint or feel fatigued when performing work at near vision.

Astigmatism means that your child’s eye is shaped more like a rugby ball, rather than a football. This causes distorted vision as light focuses on the eye in more than one place. Your child may experience dizziness, eyestrain, headaches & squinting.

Kids Glasses Range

We have the largest Kids Optical & Sunglasses Collection available for prescription and non-prescription use in the Area. 

We have a range of frame styles, colours and shapes that can be combined with your child’s customised lenses giving your child the perfect vision and enhancing their style. 

kids glasses

Kids Eye Concerns

If you notice your child showing or complaining any of the symptoms below, then bring them immediately for an eye appointment and our specialists will perform a thorough eye check to ensure you child’s eyes are safe and will manage accordingly.

1. Your child’s eyes are not aligned or pointing in different directions

2. They rub their eyes a lot (except when they are tired, which is normal)

3. They have watery eyes

4. They are clumsy or have poor hand-eye co-ordination

5. They avoid reading, writing or drawing

6. They screw up their eyes or frown when they read or watch TV

7. They sit very close to the TV, or hold books or objects close to

8. They have behaviour or concentration problems at school

9. They complain about blurred or double vision

10. They have unexplained headaches

kids eye health img

Need to book in for an Kids Eye appointment? Visit or contact us immediately and we can book you in. Please be aware we are happy to see Patients of all ages and cater for any Special Requirements


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Full range of all lens types in Store

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All our glasses come in branded cases with a gift bag for instore purchases. We do offer gift wrapping on spectacles so you can give your loved ones the perfect gift.
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