What Is Included?

We provide same day emergency eye causality appointments. You will be seen within 24 hours of contacting us and our specialist team will be able advice you on the best management plan or referral pathway for your ocular condition.


OCT Scan, Eye Pressures, Digital Retinal Photography


Vision Check

Ensuring Your Vision Has Not Been Affected By The Causality


Eye Health Check

Slit Lamp, Corneal Thickness, Front & Back Eye Checks


Supplementary Checks

Visual Field, Colour Vision, 3D Vision & More


Same Day Medication

Same Day Eye Medication Available For Specific Conditions

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Instant Eye Care

It is important that you seek immediate professional eyecare if you have suffered with an eye casualty or any of the symptoms listed below. This is to minimise the risk of any ocular complications and preserve your eye vision and eye health. 

We can see you within hours of contacting us in our opening hours to ensure your eye health is examined instantly if you have suffered and eye accident or noticed any sudden changes to ensure the best possible outcome for your eye. 

What Happens

On your arrival at our specialist clinicians will swiftly determine the severity of your eye emergency and will decide the next steps and management plan for your eye. 

The clinician will ask you a detailed history of the incident and any symptoms you are experiencing, perform diagnostic tests and thoroughly assess the affected eye structures. 

They will determine any initial treatment plan required and or determine the best place for you to be referred for if any further hospital intervention is required. 

Common Eye Emergencies

Eye injuries such as blunt trauma, foreign bodies and cuts or scratches may potentially cause significant harm to the eye and cause major vision loss if not treated immediately and adequately. Immediate eye attention is required.

Chemical exposure such as burns or splashes into the eye can result in mild to severe damage to the eye. You may notice your eye is irritated, burning or cannot even open the eye in extreme conditions. Immediate eye attention is required.

Any sudden change in your vision needs to be examined by our specialist clinicians immediately as this may be the sign of an underlying eye or health condition which may be potentially sight or life threatening.

Any mild to severe eye pain or redness needs to be examined immediately as this may be caused by underlying eye infections or eye inflammation such as uveitis, increased eye pressure from glaucoma, and other serious eye conditions.

Eye infections can vary from simple bacterial conjunctivitis to severe keratitis where the cornea becomes damaged, if you notice your eye going even slight red, sticky, watery discharge or light sensitive immediately book in to see our clinicians.

Same Day Ocular Drug Prescriptions

Our in-house specialist clinicians can diagnose ocular conditions such as eye infections, inflammations and glaucoma and prescribe you over the counter eye medications, so you are not having to wait in long ques at your GP, Pharmacy or Eye Hospital.


Need to book in for an Emergency Eye appointment? Visit or contact us immediately and we can book you in. Please be aware we are happy to see Patients of all ages and cater for any Special Requirements.


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