What Is Included?

We provide specialist Pre cataract surgery appointment and Post Cataract surgery appointments. Our clinicians perform a comprehensive dilated examination to ensure you are safe to have the operation and to check for any post op complications.


OCT Scan, Eye Pressures, Digital Retinal Photography


Vision Check

Pre And Post Cataract Surgery Vision Checks & Prescription


Eye Health Check

Slit Lamp, Dilated Examination, Pre/Post Op Complications


Referral Pathway

We Refer To Your Nearest And Fastest Surgery Provider

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A cataract is when the eyes natural lens which is the clear transparent structure of the eye, we see through becomes progressively cloudy. Most commonly cataracts occurs due the the aging of the eye. However, sometimes other factors can increase the risk of cataracts earlier such as genetics, UV exposure, smoking, diabetes, and steroid intake. 

Cataracts will make your vision cloudy and blurry making it difficult to perform daily tasks, read and drive. Cataracts can also cause major glare especially when driving at night at digital screens, and everything may seem more yellow or dull. 

Pre-Cataract Surgery

Cataracts can be diagnosed through a normal eye appointment and usually takes a few years till they need to be removed. Modifying your prescription will be able to help you see clearer however when changing your spectacle prescription no longer makes any difference to your vision our clinicians can refer you to have a cataract operation. 

Before we refer you, we will book you in for a Pre-Cataract Surgery appointment. Our clinicians will perform a detailed dilated assessment of your eye health and vision to ensure that there are no other problems that may interfere with the success rate of the operation. 

cataract surgery img
cataract surgery img

Post-Cataract Surgery

Following your cataract surgery, we will continue to provide support for your eyes and ensure they are safe and healthy. Usually 2-4weeks after your operation you will be required to check in with our clinicians to ensure the eyes are healing smoothly.

 On this appointment we will check your vision and prescribe you some new glasses if required, perform a dilated eye check-up, eye pressure tests and review your OCT report to ensure there has been no post operation complications.

Cataract Management

If your cataracts are not quite ready for operation, then we will monitor the progression and call you in for an earlier review. Slight changes in the prescription may be required to sustain crisper vision.

Our lens treatments such as Anti-reflective may help you counteract the glare you may be experiencing due to the start of cataracts. Our UV tints, Polarised and Transitions lenses will help protect against UV light when outdoors reducing the risk of progression.

Lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, UV protection outdoors, limiting the amount of alcohol intake and a healthy diet is recommended. As these lifestyles choices are known to increase the rate of cataract progression.

If your cataract is affecting your daily lifestyle and is giving you blurred vision, difficulty driving or cooking then book in for a pre cataract appointment with us and if we can no longer improve you vision with spectacles we can refer you for a cataract operation.


Need to book in for a Cataract appointment? Visit or contact us immediately and we can book you in. Please be aware we are happy to see Patients of all ages and cater for any Special Requirements.


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