What Is Included?

We provide specialist eye appointments to detect signs of glaucoma, diagnose glaucoma and provide you with a treatment plan. We use use high spec technology to measure and examine your intraocular pressure, optic nerve and visual field.


Anterior & Posterior OCT Eye Scans, GAT Eye Pressures


Eye Health Check

Slit Lamp, Corneal Thickness, Full Eye Check, Angles, Optic Nerve


Field Test

Detailed Peripheral Vision Testing Done & Repeated


Treatment Plan

Glaucoma Management, Eye Drops Prescribed, Early Review

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Glaucoma is the term given to a group of eye conditions whereby the optic nerve inside your eye becomes damaged. Glaucoma may develop because the pressure in the eye is higher than normal, or because the nerve is more susceptible to damage from pressure. 

There are two main types of glaucoma; chronic open angle glaucoma, which happens slowly and is usually asymptomatic, and acute angle closure glaucoma which happens quickly and is very painful.  If Glaucoma is left untreated or you do not have regular checks once diagnosed it can lead to irreversible vison loss. 

Glaucoma Factors

Anyone can develop Glaucoma at any age. However, the risk of developing Chronic glaucoma increases if you have raised eye pressure (called ocular hypertension), are related to someone with glaucoma, are from African or Caribbean background, have high blood pressure, are short sighted, aged over 40 or are diabetic. 

The risks of developing acute angle glaucoma increases if you are from east Asian or south Asian background, have a family history of angle closure glaucoma, are longsighted aged over 40 or are a woman.

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Glaucoma Testing

Glaucoma can be picked up through a normal test as we perform diagnostic tests to check your eye pressure, take scans of the front and back of the eye, check the pressure drainage angle and asses the optic nerve.

However, if our clinicians suspect any signs of Glaucoma, they will then perform a detailed visual field test that will map out your peripheral vision. If this shows you have missed some points, then you may have Glaucoma.

Our in-house specialists can diagnose and manage glaucoma and ocular hypertension patients instore. Therefore, we can stop any glaucoma progression very early on to persevere your vision.

Glaucoma Management

Glaucoma suspect, diagnosed glaucoma and ocular hypertension patient’s need to be seen at shorter eye appointment intervals by our clinicians to ensure that your eye pressures, optic nerve and peripheral vision is stable, and so they can intervene if they are not.

Anti Glaucoma Eye drops are the first line treatment for treating early onset of glaucoma. These work by reducing the eye pressure so that no further optic nerve head damage is caused. Our specialists can prescribe you these in house.

Different types of laser treatments can be performed to open the drainage meshwork in your eye which allows more fluid to be drained out of your eye, therefore reducing your eye pressure. Our clinicians can refer you for this procedure after assessment if suitable.

Surgery may be recommend as last resort treatment when anti glaucoma drops, or laser have not worked. Our clinicians will be able to refer you to NHS Eye Hospital or Private services to have this done soon as.


Need to book in for a Glaucoma appointment? Visit or contact us immediately and we can book you in. Please be aware we are happy to see Patients of all ages and cater for any Special Requirements.


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