Choose from our wide range of specialist eye appointments. Our experienced clinicians perform a detailed assessment with free inclusive OCT scans ensuring your eyes are healthy and you experience clear vision.
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Eye test to check your prescription and eye health

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Eye test checking your kid’s prescription and eye health

Contact lens fitting, vision, and comfort assessment

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Urgent eye casualty health checks same day

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Dry eye assessment and management clinics

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Glaucoma assessment and management clinics

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Cataract assessment and management clinics

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Management of Myopia progression in Kids

Checking your visual ability to drive

Eyes Are Important

At EyeCare Merry Hill we provide a variety of detailed eye examinations to ensure your eyes are healthy and you experience clear vision. We give personalised solutions to each patient and offer a wide range of bespoke products to suit your visual needs. It is important that you check your eyes routinely. You should visit us every 2 years for a check-up unless specified earlier by our clinicians.

OCT Scans

OCT (Optical coherence tomography) is a non-invasive diagnostic imaging machine that takes detailed 3D cross sectional images of the inside of the eye.

OCT scans assist in detecting serious eye diseases earlier than normal digital retinal photography.

With us this specialised service is included part of your Sight test with us at EyeCare Merry Hill for Free.

Same Day Ocular
Drug Prescriptions

Our in-house specialist clinicians can diagnose ocular conditions such as eye infections, inflammations and glaucoma and prescribe you over the counter eye medications, so you are not having to wait in long ques at your GP, Pharmacy or Eye Hospital.

Eye Protection

It is important to be aware of the risks involved from everyday daily tasks to keep your eyes healthy. Long VDU hours can cause eyestrain and tired eyes. Working in DIY settings can make you prone to dust and foreign bodies. Long hours outdoors can cause UV damage to the eyes.

At EyeCare Merry Hill we have the perfect safety solution for your eyes to cater for all lifestyle activities. Visit or contact us and we can go through all our eye safety range lenses & protection.

Full range of all lens types in Store

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When you choose EyeCare Merry Hill you become part of our EyeCare family. We pride ourselves in delivering the finest first class service.


Spectacles and lenses ready to be chosen by you. With the best-in-class choices and products you can create a personal pair of spectacles fit for what you need
Our same day spectacle manufacturing allows you to take away on the day your choice of spectacles. The on-site lab allows us to ensure your spectacles are made to perfection with product quality at the heart of what we do.
All our glasses come in branded cases with a gift bag for instore purchases. We do offer gift wrapping on spectacles so you can give your loved ones the perfect gift.
Longer opening hours, easy access and great customer service is what we are all about. Visit us in store and see The EyeCare Merry Hill experience first hand!
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