What Is Included?

We provide a special clinic just for DVLA appointments. These appointment are for patients who need their vision and field test so that they can send the forms back to DVLA for registration or as per requested.

Visual Acuity

We Check Your Distance Vision With Spectacles And Without


Fields Test

Binocular Esterman Field Test 120 Points.


Form Completion

We Complete The Forms As Required By The DVLA

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Driving Safe

It is important that you vision is clear, and your eyes are healthy so that you can drive safely. We recommend that you have regular eye checks as your vision may worsen slowly over time without you noticing.

We have a wide array of bespoke lenses and treatments that can help enhance your vision whilst driving. Anti-reflective treatment helps with dazzling glare form headlight and streetlights. Our UV Tints, Polarised and Transitions protects you from UV exposure, helps enhance road contrast and gets rid of unwanted reflections.

DVLA Standards

In the UK, there are two standards that you must meet to be able to drive a car on the road: 

1. How well you can see (your vision) – you must be able to read the 6/12 Snellen line on the test chart and be able to read a number plate 20metres away. 

2. How far you can see around you (your visual field) – you must complete a binocular field test called the 120-point Esterman Field Test that we can perform in store. There is a certain criteria you must meet to pass the test. 

dvla img
dvla img

Informing DVLA

It is essential that notify the DVLA immediately if you no longer meet the visual requirements or have any health conditions that affect your ability to drive safely.

Once you notify the DVLA they will then look at your application and determine whether you need to complete any tests. They may send you a form to visit your local eyecare practitioner to complete the vision and field test required. Please contact or visit us to find out more about our DVLA appointments.


Need to book in for a DVLA appointment? Visit or contact us immediately and we can book you in. Please be aware we are happy to see Patients of all ages and cater for any Special Requirements.


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