What Is Included?

We provide specialist contact lens appointments checking your vision & eye health with your lenses in. Our experienced clinicians perform a detailed assessment ensuring that you are wearing the best contact lenses for your eyes

Lens Workshop

Contact Lens Fitting, Aftercare And Comfort Check


Vision Check

Distance, Reading, Intermediate Vision Checks In Your Contacts


Anterior Eye Check

Anterior Eye Health & Contact Lens Staining Checks



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Why Contact Lenses?

Want an alternative to glasses? Want a more natural look? At Eyecare Merry Hill we deliver the best of contact lenses so that you can enjoy clear and precise vision.

We have a wide scope of contact lenses that are made from different materials and the latest technologies to ensure they are suitable for all conditions and lifestyle.

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Want to experience clear vision but hesitant to try contact lenses? We provide a Free Trial with our Daily & Monthly Lenses.

We teach you how to put them in and out of your eye and provide a full contact lens regime plan at no additional cost


Contact Lenses Explained

After checking your eyes our clinicians will provide you a personalised recommendation for your eyes

A lens that can be worn daily and then discarded after each use. Eliminates the need for daily cleaning and disinfecting in the morning or at night such as extended monthly lenses. Available in spherical, toric and multifocal prescription options

A lens that can be used for up to 30 days after opening to help correct your vision then discarded You will need to clean, disinfect & store your lenses properly each night to eliminate any eye infections. Available in spherical, toric & multifocal prescription options

A Toric contact lens corrects astigmatism, which is when the eye is shaped more like a rugby ball than a football causing distorted vision as light rays focus at more than one place. The lens has 2 different prescription powers across the horizontal and vertical lens  surface.

A Multifocal contact lens helps correct presbyopia which is a natural ageing process where the eye has difficult focusing nearby. Clear vision is achieved at all distances. Typically, there is a prescription for clear near and distance vision and clear intermediate vision if required.

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Regular Check

It is essential to have regular contact lens checks to ensure that your lenses are still suitable for your eyes and are not damaged or causing any eye issues. 

How often you should have you contact lens check will vary for every patient depending on the type of lens you wear and how long for. After your contact lens check with us our specialist clinicians will be able to advise you on your recall. 

Every contact lens prescription will have an expiry date. It is important that you have a contact lens check-up before your prescription runs out as you will not be able to order any contact lenses after the expiry date. 

Contact Lens
Cleaning Solutions

Your step-by-step cleaning guide, with exclusive instore expertise training guidance

Exclusive Membership

To sign up to our exclusive Contact lens membership packages visit us in store. Benefits include deliveries to your door, exclusive discounts and offers. Contact lens care offers and much more…..


Need to book in for a Contact Lens appointment? Visit or contact us immediately and we can book you in. Please be aware we are happy to see Patients of all ages and cater for any Special Requirements.


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